Resort Policies

Wilderness Point Resort

Resort Map & Policies

We appreciate your business and hope you have an enjoyable stay with us!
Resort Map Layout
Resort Rules & Policies

General Information

  • Our front desk is staffed based on occupancy and
    volume at the resort. If you need anything at all please
    don’t hesitate to call 218-568-5642
  • For after hours on site emergencies only – please call
  • Please do not take patio furniture or firewood from
    the Lodge or other Villas and Cabins.
  • Recycling bins are outside by each unit.


  • Pleasure riding is not permitted on the resort grounds.
    You can drive on the trails and road for transportation
    to designated trails.
  • Please do not drive on the mulch paths and any grass areas.
  • Speed limit must be observed.


  • As a standard rule each Villa can park 2 vehicles in
    the driveway. If you have additional vehicles and/or
    trailers you will need to park them in the overflow lot
    and not on the resort roadways.
  • PLEASE do not park on the grass anywhere on the


  • Clothing
  • Hats
  • Water Bottles
  • Ice
  • Firewood


  • WiFi Password for your Villa located on the back of
    this paper.
  • Club House password: WILDERNESSGUEST
  • Please note that there is no WiFi in the Cabins.

Social Media

  • Please like us on Facebook and tag us in your family’s
    fun times at our Resort! We would love to share your
    photos on our Facebook and Social Media pages if
    you wouldn’t mind.

Pool & Fitness Center

  • Hours are 8am-10pm
  • You will need the code on the back of this map to enter
    the pool area. If you don’t have this code when you go
    to the pool, you will not be able to open the door.
  • Please do not take or remove the pool towels from the
    Club House or the Pool.
  • No alcohol, glassware or food allowed in the pool

Before You Leave

  • Please fill and start the dishwasher and set all trash
    outside of your unit.
  • Units are inspected after departure; please let us
    know of any damage done or extra cleaning that may
    be needed.
  • Check out is at 9 am – please drop your keys off at
    the office and do not leave them in the unit

Rules & Policies

  • If you are renting a Villa, please know that each Villa
    is privately owned by an individual owner. Wilderness
    Point simply manages the property on the owner’s
    behalf. Please care for the Villa as you would for your
    own home.
  • All furnishings in the Villa are also privately owned.
    Therefore, no furniture, lawn furniture or any other
    furnishings or supplies (ex-Firewood,) should be
    shared or mixed with other Villas.
  • We encourage all guests to use the outdoor lawn areas
    but please be mindful of how much lawn area your
    party is using and be respectful of your neighbor’s
    space. The Villa’s and the resort Cabins are closely
    spaced and each renter/guest is entitled to use the
    lawn areas of their rented unit for their own activities.
  • Dogs must be registered at check in time with a signed
    pet waiver on file. All rules must be followed in the pet
    waiver if you have a dog with you at the resort.
  • If the unit you’re renting is NOT designated as a petfriendly
    unit and we find that you have, or had, a pet
    in the unit without written permission from the resort
    office staff, we reserve the right to ask you to checkout
    immediately, with no refund of unused days, and
    you will be charged for a deep cleaning of the unit
    (currently $450.00) upon your departure.
  • The speed limit of 10 mph on all resort roads must be
    observed by all resort renters and guests.
  • Remember that voices carry further outdoors than you
    may realize. As a family resort with children always present,
    please be mindful of your language and conversations.
  • Quiet time hours are 10pm – 8am. Wilderness Point is
    a family resort. If quiet time hours are not respected,
    we reserve the right to ask your party to vacate the
    property at any time with no refund for unused days.